Xeomin Honolulu Hawaii

XEOMIN® is a form of a neurotoxin which has found use in the cosmetic field in recent years. Cosmetic dentists use this neurotoxin to address esthetic issues of the skin similar to using BOTOX. XEOMIN® is an FDA approved neurotoxin and skillful use of it by cosmetic dental professionals have known to bring about major changes in the appearance of patients. Visit our Honolulu office to know more about how XEOMIN® can help improve your appearance.

Wrinkles in the face make a person look old and less attractive. Frown lines in the forehead between the eyes result from the movement of muscles under the facial skin due to facial expressions. As a person grows old these repeated expressions cause the wrinkles to stay on the face. Advancements in cosmetic medicines have introduced solutions for such unwanted facial lines. BOTOX and Dysport have been known to many people. The recent addition to this list of drugs is the XEOMIN®.

Use of XEOMIN® to treat facial lines

XEOMIN® is a neurotoxin that is injected into facial muscles to resist their movement and hence improve the appearance of facial skin. It is used to treat moderate to severe frown lines. The effects of XEOMIN® are known to last for about 6 months. It is a safe medicine which is administered by a professional who has experience in cosmetics and skin care. Dr. Nishime is one of the professionals who offer XEOMIN® at Honolulu. Speak to our doctor regarding this neurotoxin and its benefits.